Our strength

• Based in Zurich, Switzerland, WDG Consulting is a leading, internationally focused advisor for developing and implementing communication strategies. We bring together sporting, commercial, social and political interests and create sustainable added value for our clients.

• Our work is based on our many years of experience developing communication strategies and managing communications for large sports organizations, as well as on our extensive international network of high-level relationships in sport, business, politics and the media.

• For every single project we can rely on the best experts worldwide. This allows us to be fast, flexible and put together the best team – exclusively and tailor made for our international business partners.

• Financially and in terms of its strategic and operational management, WDG Consulting is independent; its only obligation is to its clients’ interests.

• Governance and compliance are crucial to the long-term success of commercial relationships in international sport, which is why WDG Consulting is committed to a defined code of conduct. This code is periodically reviewed by independent experts.

Our support

WDG Consulting offers clients working at the interfaces of sport, business, civil society and politics highly professional, tailored services in the following three core areas:

• Development of holistic communication strategies and advice on their implementation: This includes helping organizations and their leaders and public representatives with reputation management.

• Issue and crisis management: Advising companies and organizations, helping them monitor relevant areas so they can identify and contain unusual/undesirable developments early on; help with managing critical developments and situations.

• Global relationship management and public affairs: Here we bring together representatives of common, overlapping or conflicting interests and advise them on how to achieve the best possible outcome from the particular situation. As an independent consultant we make our international network of sports and business contacts available to investors, and advise them on how best to implement their projects.

Our clients

• Leaders in business, who want to use major global sports and/or sports clubs to help (re)position their companies and/or brands, and who want to profit from the image of these sports and clubs.

• Leaders of the most successful international sports and clubs, which can provide companies with an attractive platform for positioning themselves and their brands.

• Leaders of the big global organizations and companies, who want to secure a good reputation for their organizations and for themselves, and thus build up greater crisis-resistance.

• Leaders of organizations that bid for major international sporting events and competitions.

• Leaders of international media companies that bid for TV rights in Sports.

Our philosophy

• Our work is guided by our clients’ interests, which we represent wholeheartedly while maintaining the right balance between closeness and detachment

• Integrity, specifically the principles of trustworthiness, reliability, transparent service provision, avoidance of conflicts of interests and respect for best-governance rules

• Openness and transparency towards our clients. Both are important to us, but clients can rely on us completely and at all times to maintain confidentiality about the content of our work together

• Clear rules of cooperation with our clients that are defined before accepting a mandate. This includes a clear billing policy and transparent charging for our services.

• As a rule, the strategies, concepts and recommendations we develop are implemented under our supervision by our clients or by the specialists they bring in. We work with the best partners worldwide.

• If we agree with our clients to mandate external specialists to implement specific tasks, these specialists will operate under the same principles as WDG Consulting. They must agree to abide by our code of conduct.